Enjoy up to $6001

We’re offering a $300 statement credit for Groupex members that open and activate a new Chase Merchant Services account, and continue processing for 6 months. Plus, Groupex will be crediting your account with another $3002!

Offer Expires May 31, 2021


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Membership has its benefits.

When it comes to payment processing in the restaurant and food services industry, there's no one-size-fits-all solution. Chase Merchant Services offers a full range of credit and debit solutions designed for every Restaurant.

Pay-at-the table:

Accept customer payments anywhere in your establishment with feature packed wireless terminals, which integrate with leading restaurant management POS systems.

Mobile and long range:

Gain mobility with long range terminals so you can bring credit and debit payments right to your customer's door.

Chase Mobile Checkout PlusTM:

Allows you to use your smartphone or tablet to process customer payments, in-store or on-the-go.

POS Integration:

Integration with leading restaurant management POS systems provides additional flexibility for your operation.


To see how much you may save.

Businesses who wish to obtain payment processing services from Chase Merchant Services must submit an application. All applications are subject to Chase’s standard approval policies and procedures, including without limitation credit approval and entering into a Merchant Agreement with Chase Merchant Services. Proof of membership status with Restaurants Canada will be required.

1.The $ 300 offer is provided by Chase Merchant Services (“Chase”) and is exclusive to Restaurants Canada and Groupex members. To qualify, merchants must submit a completed application to Chase on or before May 31, 2021 and enter into a Merchant Agreement for the purchase all of their credit and debit card processing services from Chase. All applications are subject to Chase’s standard approval policy and procedures, including without limitation credit approval. The offer is not available to (i) merchants who have an existing payment processing agreement with Chase; (ii) merchants who enter into a Merchant Agreement to purchase only Chase Mobile Checkout PlusSM; (iii) merchants who have not submitted any transactions for processing by Chase within 60 days of the date of approval of their application, or (Iv) any merchant whose Merchant Agreement is terminated during the first 6 months of its term. Chase reserves the right to determine which merchants are eligible to receive the offer and is under no obligation to deem a merchant eligible. The $300 amount will only be applied to one merchant account and only once over the course of the merchant’s relationship with Chase, within 24-32 weeks after processing begins. This offer is subject to withdrawal or change at any time without notice. Offer cannot be combined with other Chase offers.
2.Groupex will provide a $300 credit, for new customers signing up with Chase under the Groupex preferred rate program. The rebate will begin two months after signing up under the Groupex preferred rate program through Chase.. Must be a member of Groupex and processing with Chase in order to receive the $300. For more information please contact a Groupex representative. Chase is not responsible for the Groupex $300 offer. Chase and the Octagon logo are registered trademarks of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. © 2021 JPMorgan Chase & Co.