Canadian Travel Spending Forecast

Chase Merchant Services conducted a study with 600 Canadians to find out how Canadian consumers plan to travel for the rest of 2021 and beyond. Here are takeaways for businesses who want to capture the tourist share of wallet.

The Summer of Road Trips
88% of Canadian travelers plan to be a tourist in Canada

How they plan to travel
30% Day Trips
75% Road Trips
28% Plane Trips

It’s Up, Up and Away This Fall and Winter
35% of Canadian travelers are gearing up to fly internationally

Seize Revenge… Revenge Travel That Is!
25% plan to spend more than usual. Offer upgrade packages and premium experiences

Canadians are finally ready to escape the colder weather with beach vacations being the #1 choice from October-December

Capitalize on Your Off-Peak Times
78% want to avoid crowds
Advertise off-hours and weekday specials, or offer private tours and experiences
Post when visitors can expect less crowds on your website and on social media

Staff up for August it will be the busiest month with 41% of traveling consumers planning a trip

Ease The Mind of Your Guests
Use signs, tape or other visual cues to denote recently cleaned and disinfected areas – it’s the #1 ask of safety conscious travelers
Post your health & safety protocols on your website – more than half of Canadians plan to do more research on this than they did before
Offer last minute cancellation options – 50% of travelers staying with friends and family will consider switching to hotels

Chase Merchant Services
Canada Consumer Pulse Poll conducted online by AR&D on behalf of Chase

Merchant Services between April 30 and May 16, 2021. Sample size = 600
with a margin of error of +/- 4% at 95% confidence level.
Sample stratified by Gender, Age (Adults 18 and older), and Province