Covid Resources For Businesses

Ordering safety and protective equipment

Safety supplies can be ordered from Maxwell.


Contactless Limit Increase

Effective April 9th, 2020, we are increasing the contactless acceptance limits from $100.00 to $250.00 for contactless card transactions. This increase will take effect on all Chase standalone POS terminals. Although contactless acceptance limits are changing, transaction approval is still determined by the card issuer.

If you have an Ingenico TETRA Move/5000, TETRA Desk/5000, Telium ICT250, iWL220, or iWL250 terminal, no action is required; TETRA devices will automatically update after April 12th, while Telium Devices will automatically update after April 29th.

If you have a VeriFone VX520, VX680, or VX820 terminal it will be updated automatically, however if you wish to  apply the updates now please click the below links for update instructions:

If you have questions or want this increased sooner on your Ingenico or VeriFone terminal, please contact Chase Client Support at 1.800.265.5158.



Best practices for accepting card-not-present payments.

Take your card reader to another location. If necessary, you can use your card reader at another location to continue accepting payments. If relocating, confirm you have the same network connections you use in your store (Dial-up, Wi-Fi, or LAN/Internet connection). For instructions, select your equipment from the list below.

Collect all customer information, including full card number, expiration date, zip code and CVV (three-digit code on back). Use Address Verification Services (AVS) if prompted. These steps help protect you from card-not-present fraud. Visit Managing Your Account for more best practices. 

Be aware that manually entered card transactions are not protected by chip-enabled chargeback protections. 

Note: Incremental costs may apply in the case of a card-not-present transaction, in addition to limitations on chargeback protections. Visit Managing Your Account for more best practices and how to prevent and manage chargebacks.

For more information on preparing your business for COVID-19 visit the Business Contingency Plan.


Keep card readers and point-of-sale equipment clean and disinfected.

  • Make sure to disconnect and turn off equipment first.
  • Do not use solvents, detergents, or abrasive cleaners.
  • Using a lightly damp microfiber cloth (recommended), wipe down equipment.
  • After cleaning, the equipment may be disinfected using a suitable alcohol-based wipe or disinfectant applied to a microfiber cloth. A soft cloth dampened with rubbing alcohol (70 percent isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant wipes are recommended), making sure not to drip liquid into any openings.
  • Never spray your equipment directly.
  • Avoid paper fiber materials like a tissue or a paper towel, as they’re more abrasive and can leave scratches.
  • Let them dry completely before use.