Email and Online Statements Make Sense

Do you prefer to have your monthly statements sent to you via email or to check them online?

As our customer, you can do either. Both options allow you to view and store statements on your computer so you can:

  • Receive your statements more quickly and predictably than by mail.
  • Quickly and easily print or archive your monthly statements.
  • Enhance your account safety with paperless statements.
  • Help the environment while helping your business.

Want another good reason to sign up? You’ll get important notices related to your account online or via email. This can help to ensure there is no interruption in the receipt of these and other important notices and alerts related to your payment processing.

So, enroll today for Resource Online and request estatements. Note that you have to be signed up for ROL to get your statement online.

It’s important to note that you are responsible for responding to retrieval requests and chargeback notices, regardless of any mail delivery delays that may occur.

Reading Your Estatement

We've designed your statement to be as user-friendly as possible, including:

  • Easy-to-read sections
  • A breakdown of fees
  • Simple reconciliation
  • Summary of transaction qualification

Read our brief How to Read Your Statement Guide to become familiar with your statement.

If you need help getting started, contact our support team at 1.800.265.5158 and we’ll help you get set up.