Online Fraud Prevention

When making a sale online, by phone or via mail, your customers also want to know their personal data and account information is protected. So, you need the right information and tools to confirm all your transactions are valid.

As a leading ecommerce and direct marketing payment processor, we’re experienced in recognizing the signs of transaction fraud. You can leverage this knowledge and expertise and use it to protect against fraud with:

  • Account Verification Service (AVS): Helps reduce your risk by verifying the cardholder's billing address with the card issuer.
  • Card Security Verification: This process looks at the credit card’s security value, which is the non-embossed 3- or 4-digit numeric code, and checks it against the issuer's value on file. Payment brands offer these security programs. They are known as CVV2 (Visa®), CVC2 (MasterCard®), CID (American Express®) and CID (Discover® Card).
  • Payment Brand Data Security: Helps you in your effort to comply with payment brand data security programs.

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