PCI Data Compromise

Even with increased awareness and merchant education there continue to be many attempts to gain unauthorized access into merchant payment systems in order to exploit cardholder data.

What is a data compromise?

A data compromise is a deliberate, unauthorized, electronic attack on the communications or information processing systems that store cardholder account information. These compromises place cardholders at risk of fraudulent use. These attacks are initiated with malicious intent and can result in damage or disruption to the entire payment system.

Reporting an Incident

If you or an employee detect or suspect any unauthorized network intrusion or any type of loss of cardholder data, it is imperative to report the specifics of the event to your payment processor as quickly as possible.

Loss of cardholder data includes but is not limited to: theft of property which included cardholder data, stolen laptop, missing or stolen reports that may contain cardholder data, an employee unlawfully taking cardholder data, or any other means resulting in lost or stolen cardholder data.

To report an incident, please click here.