Getting Merchant Reports

Securely and Reliably Handle Your Reporting Needs

Whatever your business needs, our online reporting tools can be set up at different levels depending on the needs of your business. Whether you need help identifying potentially fraudulent transactions, want to locate a transaction or if you own multiple locations and need help managing reconciliation, we have the reporting solution that is right for you.

Research and Reconcile with Online Reporting:

  • Identify duplicate transactions
  • Find transactions based on user-entered criteria
  • Verify daily sales
  • Access statements
  • Find missing deposits
  • Manage rejected transactions

Plus, you can easily export report data where you need it, whether it is to an Excel spreadsheet or CSV text file.


Online Reporting Benefits

Analyzing your financial data can provide powerful insights that you can use to strengthen your business. But if you’re overwhelmed with too much data, or can’t find what you need, those insights stay hidden. Our online tools give you easily access to manage and analyze your data and gain benefits related to:


  • Managing Business Costs. Avoid costly chargebacks by viewing and responding to retrieval requests before they become chargebacks. Plus, manage chargebacks and maximize their reversal potential. You can also monitor interchange qualification levels, and help keep card acceptance costs to a minimum.
  • Improve Data Security. Our applications are housed on a secure server protected by User IDs and passwords. Account number truncation offers yet another layer of security.
  • Preventing Fraudulent Activity. Our tools help you recognize potentially fraudulent activity so you can take action — before it becomes costly.
  • Increase Efficiency. From a single source, you can access pre-settled (front-end) batch and transaction information; settled transaction information; funding information; interchange qualification information; and chargeback and retrieval information.


Sign Up for Secure and Convenient Email Statements

Boost your efficiency and go green! When you sign up for online reporting, you can also get your statements online or via email. So, you’ll be able to easily and securely view and store your monthly statements — plus enhance security and do your part to help the environment.


Get the Training You Need

When you sign up for online reporting, you can access free, interactive training webinars as well as other helpful resources to show you how to best use our reporting tools to benefit your bottom line. For all your reporting needs, or to add optional reports or modules, contact us to sign up today.