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The retail POS system that’s easy for merchants and shoppers


Generate more sales by having the flexibility to accept debit and credit cards wherever your customers are.


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Accept payments the way your customers want, wherever business happens


Whether you sell in-store, online, on the go, or some combination of all, our POS solutions have you covered. We offer a range of card terminals, e-commerce solutions and mobile payment options.



In the store


Accept debit and credit card payments at the counter, all around the store and even curbside.


Online or by phone


Create a seamless shopping experience and process debit and credit cards online. Or use our virtual terminal solutions to take payments by phone.


On the go


Accept debit and credit cards at farmers’ markets, crafts fairs or any remote retail setting.


How can you get paid in person?



In the store and beyond

Rely on the DX8000 for sales throughout the store, curbside, trade shows, kiosks and more.

  • Run up to 1,000 transactions between charges.
  • Keep lines moving with a superfast processor.
  • Automatically track what’s selling.



At the register

Depend on the Desk 5000, an easy-to-use wired terminal, for reliability and to help drive efficiency.

  • Setup takes minutes.
  • Use apps to manage your business efficiently.
  • Never charge a battery or have to rely on Wi-Fi.


How can you get paid online?


Remote sales: online and over the phone

Your e-commerce business, large or small, is in good hands with our secure and simple POS solutions.

  • Simplify checkout.
  • Input phone orders directly into your computer.
  • Save customer info for easy reordering.


Starting up or branching out? We’ve got you covered.



Accept payments on your smartphone

You launched a new business or want an additional, portable payment option. Use your smartphone with the powerful Chase Mobile Checkout-PLUS app and card reader.

  • No monthly rental fees.
  • Create an image-based product catalogue for faster checkout; email receipts to customers.
  • Customize taxes and tips.


What customers are saying about us

“We appreciate Chase’s dedication to client relations and support in all aspects of our retail payment system, servicing and fulfilling both our e-commerce and retail platform.”

- Paulina Georgiou, Director Retail Operations of Freda's

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We’ll help you set up the right payment solution for your business. Call us at 1-866-490-5347.